Waterborne Polyurethane

Waterborne Polyurethane

Waterborne polyurethane
Waterborne polyurethane has some fantastic benefits over the more traditional moisture cure polyurethane. It is very low in odour, meaning you can stay in the house while the coats are being applied. Possibly saving you unwanted Motel bills. It is also Non-Yellowing. Waterborne polyurethanes are a very durable alternative.

Bona Mega is a one-component finish for mainly domestic applications.

Traffic and Traffic HD
Bona Traffic is a two-component finish wherever high resistance to wear is required.

Oil modified Stain and Waterborne Polyurethane
This Oil modified Stain system offers you 9 different colours to choose from, and has the added benefit of polyurethane protecting the look. It is a nice way to stain your floors without the toxic solvents harming your family and me the contractor. This system is low in odour, meaning you could be around while all the coats are being applied. This could mean no Motel bills making this a more cost effective system than a solvent base alternative.

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