Maintaining Moisture Cure Polyurethane

Maintaining Moisture Cure Polyurethane

As complete curing of a Urethane floor takes a full 7 days, care must be exercised during this time. Avoid dragging furniture etc over the freshly coated surface.

To extend the life of your floor, use protective Matts in traffic areas and use a good door matt to remove dirt and grit from shoes.

It’s a good idea to use protective pads on chair and table legs and any other furniture that could be moved.

The floor should be swept frequently and washed with hot water and 10% Methylated Spirits

Once again the Bona Spray Mop can be used. It’s easy to use and when the cleaning cartridge is empty, a refill can be purchased. Or you can refill it yourself with water and Methylated Spirits. ( On Moisture Cured floors only )