Getting Ready for Sanding

Getting Ready for Sanding

Areas to be sanded must have clear and safe access for sanding machinery

All areas to be sanded must be cleared of furniture

Remove automatic / robotic fly spray dispensers. They contain silicon and will react with the coating

Turn off all Central or under floor heating. This can be turned on after the final coat has cured

Ensure there is adequate power. At least two power points on separate circuits

Make sure there are no other tradesmen working in the areas to be sanded

When using Moisture cured ( Solvent Base ) polyurethane

We recommend that you find alternate accommodation when coatings are applied

The same goes for pets. Unless you have a solvent free area for them at the other end of the house

All unsealed food items must be removed from close proximity

Remove Drapes or Curtains from areas to be coated. Keep other doors in house closed

All Gas pilot lights must be turned off. Moisture cure polyurethane vapours are flamable !!