Floor Sanding

Floor Preparation

When sanding your floors, it is important to use the correct machinery for the job. At Refine Flooring Limited, we have all the sanding equipment needed to resurface your new or existing flooring.

  • 12 inch Drum sander - Used for sanding off glue, angle sanding a floor level.
  • 10 inch Belt Sander - A precision machine for a smooth fine finish.
  • DCS Vacuum ( New ) - Sanding floors has always been a dusty business. But that has now changed with the Bona dust care system. This is the most efficient dust pickup system on the market Not 100% dustless, but its as close as you can get !!
  • Trio- Ideal for Cork – Parquet – Particle Board - Strandboard
  • B2 Edger - This machine is connected to a vacuum system and sands the edges
  • Canterbury Disc sander - Used to sand polyurethane between coats

While we have all the equipment to sand your floors, the most important part in achieving a good result is experience. We have a combined 32 years in the industry. We are also NZQA qualified !!

When choosing Refine Flooring Limited, you can expect to have a professional quality job done on time every time. Right from preparing your floors to be sanded, too sanding and coating your floor. At the end of the job, all our sanding rubbish is taken off site.