During Sanding and Coating

During Sanding and Coating

In the early stages of sanding, it is ok to walk on your floors. Makng sure you keep the floor clean and dry. But once we start fine sanding, it is very important to keep everybody off.

The same applies when we are applying polyurethane. Do not walk on floors between coats. Walking in between coats with damp feet can leave foot prints that could appear in 1 to 2 years. Also, if trades people have silicon on their shoes, this will cause a reaction in the coats. The possibilities of contaminating your floor is not worth the risk.

When coats are being applied, it is important to keep doors and windows closed to minimise the chance of dust being stirred up and landing on the wet coat. The floor can be walked on in socks 24 hours after the final coat has been applied.

Your moisture cure polyurethane is fully cured after 7 days.

Waterborne polyurethane is 75% cured after 1 day, 90% after 3 days and full curing take approximately 7 days.

Caution should be exercised during the curing process with either polyurethane.