There are several ways to Blonde your floors.

White Solvent wash
Floors are sanded and a white solvent wash applied. Then three coats of Solvent base Non-Yellowing polyurethane.

White Solvent wash + White polyurethane
As above, the floors are sanded and a white Solvent wash applied. Then White colour can be added to the Non-Yellowing polyurethane to strengthen the colour if needed.

White colour in Waterborne polyurethane
This is your environmentally friendly option. But the process is much the same as above. A White colour is added to four coats of Waterborne Non-Yellowing polyurethane

White Oils with Waterborne polyurethane
This system is an oil-modified stain. When dry, it can be coated with 3 coats of Bonatech Waterborne polyurethane. Colour can also be added to the coating if needed.

White Block out ( Any colour is possible )
White block out is a solid coloured polyurethane. Not transparent, it could be Ideal for covering floors that may have different species of timber, or you could paint a logo or design onto your floor.